Thursday, December 24, 2015

Abhijeet have wait for some time more to achieve quota...

The elimination of Satish Sarda (Nagpur) did not gave sufficient votes to Abhijeet to achieve the quota.
He have to wait for more time upto elimination of LELE or thereafter Ashwini Agrawal. However, it's just formality. His position was already confirmed at first count only. Now I remember that, when I had put him in  "confirm"  category in my exit poll; many members are raised doubt on that and asked me why I am so optimistic about him?
Today I'm happy that, abhijeet performed well.
I believe that, Nagpurkar must have mixed feelings.... At one hand set- back due to losing of seat in Central Council once again and on other hand Victory of Abhijeet. Yesterday night when I've asked Abhijeet about preparation of celebration at Nagpur; he too expressed his mixed feelings.... I wish better luck next time to Nagpur for CC.