Friday, December 25, 2015

WIRC Update- The Elimination of Kachwala in Progress

The Elimination of Kachwala in Progress

Along with mumbai candidates this elimination will also benefit Abmrish Vaidya (Pune).

This elimination is very crucial to decide the position of  Sarvesh Joshi, Vaidya, Neel, Jayesh and Vikrant. 

Now at this stage is clear that, at least one candidate from between Sarveh or Abmrish (who so even remain above) will  definitely make his position in WIRC. As presently both are outside of 22; they will definitely throw some one who is presently placed within 22. 

BIG SUSPENSE: Now at this stage it is not possible to predict how the position will change in subsequent eliminations. Lets try :

1. Kachwala elimination; mainly benefit Mumbai candidate. Ambrish will also get good number of votes as they did joint campaigning.  

2. Mehendale: again mainly benefit Mumbai candidate. Further, Sarvesh, Ambrish and Vikrant will also get good number of votes.

3. Depending upon the transfer in above elimination next candidate to be eliminated will be decided.... Third elimination may be of Ambrish/Sarvesh (rare possibility Kala or Neel) 

4. Now 1754 (i.e. Kachwala and Mehendale) votes of Mumbai candidates who are under elimination will be transferred; therefore the Mumbai candidate will benefit more. Further, 1 among Jayesh Kala and Neel is definitely going to be eliminated. Therefore, it is also possible that, Neel or Jayesh may make their position in 22. If we consider elimination of Neel or Kala the transferable votes of Mumbai candidate will be 2041. And at this stage the gap between candidate at Sr.No 20. to 23 is not much; therefore, any one who is presently located from 20 to 22 may be thrown out...