Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 5 begins

Good morning friends,

Before I leave from Delhi airport I would like begin day 5 with this post....

Some one asked....
How many candidate from "rest of Maharashtra" will secure position in WIRC?

Now there are three candidates form "rest of Maharashtra" which are presently located at position 17, 18, and 19 (i. e. Presently within 22)

Initially there were much gap between above candidates and the candidate located at position from 23 to 26th. But now you see after few eliminations from Mumbai, the gap reduced to the substantial extent. So they are now ready to secure position in first 22 and push the other candidates down.

At this point it would be pertinent to note that, which candidates elimination will give more votes to candidates at position from 17 to 19 and to candidates located at 20 to 26 position?

If we simply take totals of candidates at position from 27 to 38, you will find that there are 2 candidates from rest Maharashtra who can give votes ''major" (total transferable votes in elimination 1200) and another 2-3 candidates from Mumbai who will give only "few" votes.

On other hand there are 15 candidates under elimination which are from Mumbai and 1 from Gujarat and having total transferable votes 5500. These eliminations would make candidates at position no. 23 to 26 more stronger.

So difference in transferable vote (1200 vs 5500)is deciding factor to secure position from 16 to 22.
Here I would leave you for further calculations and analysis.